Lifts - Elevator

Transferable lift - Elevator for disabled people

The Ruggeri's lifts and elevators are the ideal solution of assuring the ACCESSIBILITY of:
  • Private premises (banks, restaurants, shops, offices ...)
  • Public buildings (schools, institutes, ...)
  • Homes and residential buildings.
Its ease of installation and safety in use, make the Ruggeri's lifts an ideal system for freedom of access to buildings of all kinds, assuring wheelchair users independent personal mobility.
Our technology guarantees you a product at the state of the art from every point of view.
  • Built in stainless/allumunium
  • Electric-hydraulic lifting and chains
  • Conform to CE regulations
New elevator for disabled people: interesting as regards comfort and price, sm/ unp with container. This kind of elevator for people allows the elimination of architectural obstacles and can go up to 3,000 m height.
It is available in customized or standard size: 1,000x1,300 with nr. 2 push-button panels outside the container. Lifting is completely autonomous through hydraulic gear case c/c with a floating battery charger, automatically starting when the battery runs down, everything complying with EC regulations. It is easy to install, since it is on two wheels, and it is easy to move it and position it according to the needs of the customer.

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