Hire and production of lift trucks (manual and automatic): into our shop, near Milan, you can find every kind of lift truck for lifting in your firm. Hire of lift trucks in Milan with manual or automatic push cart, standard or special fork trucks.

NEWTON EMAC fork lift trucks for lifting with man on board: The limited dimensions of the lifts and of the lifting trucks with the hydraulic power-steering system, allow you to perform work operations in limited spaces, with exceptional maneuverability.

Lift trucks for every lifting needing: the features offered are the integrated traveling lift, the integrated power steering, the control panel, the counter and many other elements that really make the lift complete.

The fork lift truck with man on board can be customized, according to the place and the level of difficulty which make every lift really personal for the user. The Diesel range of lift trucks for lifting with man on board offers hydrostatic engines on all the fork trucks which therefore have powerful performances and higher maneuver capacity.

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